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A premium domain is a domain that has been registered previously and is back on the market for resale or  expired domains (it’s like a used car lot for domain names but these items have not depreciated in value — in fact, it’s quite the opposite situation).You see, today there are about 76 million dot com names registered worldwide with some brand name sold at premium domain prices. That means the chances of finding a very intrinsic dot com (, are slim. These names were snapped up years ago but now, these early domain registrants are increasingly willing to part with their prized domain names for the right price. Some of these sales live in infamy (consider that sold for $2.6 million in 2008 or that sold for $7.5 million in 1999) but the average premium domain price tag ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.SO WHAT CAN A PREMIUM DOMAIN DO FOR YOUR BUSINESS?IN NAME  

The Impact of the Instant Online Brand: First and foremost, a simple domain name gives your online business an instant brand. Premium domain names are generally easy to remember, easy to type and instantly associated with a product or service (,, A business owner need not invest much to help potential visitors understand what they might expect to find on sites like these. The domain itself creates an instant online brand that continues to define your online business for as long as you have it.

More Traffic from Direct Navigation: Your instant brand will generate traffic from direct navigation. As surprising as it may seem to those of us who use Google multiple times per day — some internet users simply type what they are looking for into their internet browser address line ( if your site resides at a no nonsense domain like this, you will reap the benefits of what’s called “direct navigation” (customers coming directly to your site because they typed you domain directly into their web browser) without spending one dollar on marketing your site.

Increased SEO ranking: Your domain names do have an impact on your search engine rankings, so the more basic and easily associated your domain name is with the product or service potential customers are searching for the more likely it is that you’ll rank high in the search results. (Just type hotels into your Google search bar I’ll bet is one of the first links returned).

About 80% of US adults are online (that’s an audience size that’s hard to reach through traditional offline marketing). What’s more, the brand you build online can keep working for you long after your catalog or most recent flyer has been discarded.So the bottom line is: what may seem like an extraordinary expense on first glance is actually not so outlandish considering the benefits you could reap from the right domain name.Contact our company for premium domain names! Check our inventory for list of premium domain names for sale.